Osclass enables you to setup different price format for every single language on your site.

To modify currency position in price field or number of decimals, go to “Settings > Languages”, select language you would like to update (click on “Edit” button in pane).

Edit language in osclass classifieds
Select language to edit

Now you have list of options available in regards to price formatting.

Setup price format in language settings
Price format settings

Price format options:

  • Currency format – 2 keywords are available here: {CURRENCY} and {NUMBER}. Here you can set if you want to have currency in front of price, after price and if there should be extra spacing or any other extra character.
  • Number of decimals – usually zero or two decimals
  • Decimal point – usually dot (.) or comma (,)
  • Thousands separator – usually none (empty), white space, dot or comma

Using these settings, you can format your prices as i.e.:

  • 1,234.25$
  • € 2 223,49
  • €9.523,25;-
  • and similar