When new Osclass version is close to release, Alpha or Beta testing may be available (follow forums for call on testing). Anyone can join testing and post feedback on forums.

To join Alpha or Beta test, you just need to add new row to your config.php.

Alpha testing:

define('ALPHA_TEST', true);

Beta testing:

define('BETA_TEST', true);

Never join testing using production (live) website!!!

When there is update on alpha or beta version, you will need to roll-back to older Osclass version (or do clean installation of current-older version and get alpha/beta version again).

Once you’ve updated your config.php, go to backoffice and navigate to Settings > General, scroll to bottom and hit “Check updates” button.

Classifieds software updates - Osclass check for new updates
Check for new updates

You should now see new available version of Osclass classifieds software to download.

Classifieds software - new updates
New Osclass update

Wisth you Happy testing and no bugs!

Thanks for helping Osclass community ❤️.