We are excited to announce new major Osclass version, with main focus on new core features – new image upload library, image reordering, RSS feeds and much more. (View changelog). Let’s check version 8.2.0 one by one.

New image uploader library implemented – Uppy.io

For last 8 years, Osclass used FineUploader (v4) library to upload listing images on publish/edit page. This library is out-of-support for years and has limited functionality and integration possibilities. We’ve check leading libraries for image upload and as a winner, we’ve decide to integrate Uppy.io.

This, however does not mean you need to use Uppy.io now. It’s possible to change between image uploader libraries in Settings > Media of your oc-admin. For new installations, Uppy.io is selected as default image uploader library. For existing installations Osclass will use FineUploader.

Uppy.io inside Osclass Classifeds
Uppy.io inside Osclass Classifeds

What about integration? No need to worry! Any theme using FineUploader can switch to Uppy.io without need to modify anything!

Update item images

Very nice feature (and reason why we’ve chosen Uppy.io) is ability to modify item images before they are uploaded to Osclass server. Keep in mind that image can only be editted before it is uploaded to server. Once uploaded, it must be remove and re-uploaded to be able to edit this image again.

Edit item image before upload
Edit item image before upload

Reorder item images

Features requested for years is there – sellers now can reorder their pictures on item publish & edit pages. First image is used as cover image in Osclass.

Osclass no more use image names to sort images, new fields has been introduced to media tables and items can be anytime reorder.

There should also be no theme modifications required, but in this case you must check, there could be CSS adjustments needed. OsclassPoint themes has already been updated to leverage this feature on 100%.

Listing image reorder
Listing image reorder

Uppy.io profile picture uploader

Following listing images new uploader, we’ve added Uppy.io into profile picture upload functions as well. It is possible to use Uppy.io or Cropper.js in User > Settings area.

Themes using Cropper.js may not need any changes to use Uppy.io instead. Cropper features are integrated in Uppy.io library so you will not loose anything!

Uppy.io to upload profile picture
Uppy.io to upload profile picture

RSS feed updates

After decade, RSS feeds got update and now you may get significantly more data from feed channel. New hooks has been integrated to RSS feeds and it’s also possible to disable RSS feeds at all.

Other updates

  • Logic for collecting listing statistics has changed. Now, only 1 stat counts towards 1 user session.
  • Big update with item_form and item_edit hooks, those now support different variants (ie. item_form_top), that allows to customize publish/edit page.
  • Send to friend form can now be disabled in listing settings.
  • Numerous updates to core Osclass emails those will try to identify correct user locale.
  • It is now possible to define default currency for each language.
  • New setting available: max category levels (nesting) – it is possible to set how many subcategories your Osclass will support.
  • CURL PHP extension added into requirement list to install Osclass.
  • Many small bugs fixed.