osc_category() – Gets current category

osc_get_categories() – Gets the list of categories as a tree

osc_field_toTree($item, $field) – If the result of toTree had the same format as items or comments, it would be the same as osc_field

osc_category_field($field, $locale = ) – Gets the value of the category attribute

osc_priv_count_categories() – Gets the number of categories

osc_priv_count_subcategories() – Gets the number of subcategories

osc_count_categories() – Gets the total of categories.

osc_has_categories() – Let you know if there are more categories in the list. If categories are not loaded, this function will load them.

osc_count_subcategories() – Gets the total of subcategories for the current category.

osc_has_subcategories() – Let you know if there are more subcategories for the current category in the list.

osc_category_name($locale = “”) – Gets the name of the current category

osc_category_description($locale = “”) – Gets the description of the current category

osc_category_id($locale = “”) – Gets the id of the current category

osc_category_slug($locale = “”) – Gets the slug of the current category

osc_category_total_items() – Gets the total items related with the current category

osc_goto_first_category() – Reset the pointer of the array to the first category

osc_get_non_empty_categories() – Gets list of non-empty categories

osc_categories_select($name = ‘sCategory’, $category = null, $default_str = null) – Prints category select