Helpers that return objects from the static class (view)

osc_item() – Gets current item array from view

osc_comment() – Gets comment array form view

osc_resource() – Gets resource array from view

osc_item_field($field, $locale = “”) – Gets a specific field from current item

osc_comment_field($field, $locale = ) – Gets a specific field from current comment

osc_resource_field($field, $locale = ) – Gets a specific field from current resource

osc_item_id() – Gets id from current item

osc_item_user_id() – Gets user id from current item

osc_item_description($locale = “”) – Gets description from current item

osc_item_title($locale = “”) – Gets title from current item

osc_item_category($locale = “”) – Gets category from current item

osc_item_category_description($locale = “”) – Gets category description from current item

osc_item_category_id() – Gets category id of current item

osc_item_pub_date() – Gets publication date of current item

osc_item_mod_date() – Gets modification date of current item

osc_item_price() – Gets price of current item

osc_item_formated_price() – Gets formated price of current item

osc_item_currency() – Gets currency of current item

osc_item_contact_name() – Gets contact name of current item

osc_item_contact_email() – Gets contact email of current item

osc_item_contact_phone() – Gets contact phone number of current item

osc_item_contact_other() – Gets other contact information of current item

osc_item_country() – Gets country name of current item

osc_item_country_code() – Gets country code of current item (two letters)

osc_item_region() – Gets region of current item

osc_item_city() – Gets city of current item

osc_item_city_area() – Gets city area of current item

osc_item_address() – Gets address of current item

osc_item_show_email() – Gets true if can show contact email at frontend, else return false

osc_item_show_phone() – Gets true if can show contact phone number at frontend, else return false

osc_item_zip() – Gets zip code of current item

osc_item_latitude() – Gets latitude of current item

osc_item_longitude() – Gets longitude of current item

osc_item_is_premium() – Gets true if current item is marked premium, else return false

osc_item_views() – return number of views of current item

osc_item_is_expired() – Return true if item is expired, else return false

osc_item_status() – Gets status of current item.

osc_item_secret() – Gets secret string of current item

osc_item_is_active() – Gets if current item is active

osc_item_is_inactive() – Gets if current item is inactive

osc_item_is_spam() – Gets if item is marked as spam

osc_item_link_spam() – Gets link for mark as spam the current item

osc_item_link_bad_category() – Return link for mark as bad category the current item.

osc_item_link_repeated() – Gets link for mark as repeated the current item

osc_item_link_offensive() – Gets link for mark as offensive the current item

osc_item_link_expired() – Gets link for mark as expired the current item

osc_list_page() – Gets actual page for current pagination

osc_list_total_pages() – Gets total of pages for current pagination

osc_list_items_per_page() – Gets number of items per page for current pagination

osc_item_total_comments() – Gets total number of comments of current item

osc_item_comments_page() – Gets page of comments in current pagination

Helpers for comments

osc_comment_id() – Gets id of current comment

osc_comment_pub_date() – Gets publication date of current comment

osc_comment_title() – Gets title of current commnet

osc_comment_author_name() – Gets author name of current comment

osc_comment_author_email() – Gets author email of current comment

osc_comment_body() – Gets body of current comment

osc_comment_user_id() – Gets user id of current comment

osc_delete_comment_url() – Gets link to delete the current comment of current item

Helpers for resources

osc_resource_id() – Gets id of current resource

osc_resource_name() – Gets name of current resource

osc_resource_type() – Gets content type of current resource

osc_resource_extension() – Gets extension of current resource

osc_resource_path() – Gets path of current resource

osc_resource_thumbnail_url() – Gets thumbnail url of current resource

osc_resource_preview_url() – Gets preview url of current resource

osc_resource_url() – Gets url of current resource

osc_resource_original_url() – Gets original resource url of current resource

Helpers for details

osc_has_items() – Gets next item if there is, else return null

osc_reset_items() – Set the internal pointer of array items to its first element, and return it.

osc_reset_latest_items() – Set the internal pointer of array latestItems to its first element, and return it.

osc_count_items() – Gets number of items in current array items

osc_count_item_resources() – Gets number of resources in array resources of current item

osc_has_item_resources() – Gets next item resource if there is, else return null

osc_get_item_resources() – Gets current resource of current array resources of current item

osc_count_item_comments() – Gets number of item comments of current item

osc_has_item_comments() – Gets next comment of current item comments

Helpers for home

osc_has_latest_items() – Gets next item of last items

osc_count_latest_items() – Gets number of latest items

Helpers for custom

osc_has_custom_items() – Gets next item of custom items

osc_count_custom_items() – Gets number of custom items

osc_reset_custom_items() – Set the internal pointer of array customItems to its first element, and return it.

osc_format_price($price) – Formats the price using the appropriate currency.

osc_priv_count_items() – Gets number of items – deprecated since version 2.4

osc_priv_count_item_resources() – Gets number of item resources – deprecated since version 2.4

Helpers for meta fields

osc_count_item_meta() – Gets number of item meta field

osc_has_item_meta() – Gets next item meta field if there is, else return null

osc_get_item_meta() – Gets item meta fields

osc_item_meta() – Gets item meta field

osc_item_meta_value() – Gets item meta value

osc_item_meta_name() – Gets item meta name

osc_item_meta_id() – Gets item meta id

osc_item_meta_slug() – Gets item meta slug

Helpers for item counts

osc_total_active_items() – Gets total number of active items

osc_total_items() – Gets total number of all items

osc_total_active_items_today() – Gets total number of active items today

osc_total_items_today() – Gets total number of all items today