osc_locale_field($field, $locale = ”) – Gets locale generic field

osc_locale() – Gets locale object

osc_get_locales() – Gets list of locales

osc_priv_count_locales() – Private function to count locales

osc_goto_first_locale() – Reset iterator of locales

osc_count_web_enabled_locales() – Gets number of enabled locales for website

osc_has_web_enabled_locales() – Iterator for enabled locales for website

osc_locale_code() – Gets current locale’s code

osc_locale_name() – Gets current locale’s name

osc_locale_currency_format() – Gets current locale’s currency format

osc_locale_dec_point() – Gets current locale’s decimal point

osc_locale_thousands_sep() – Gets current locale’s thousands separator

osc_locale_num_dec() – Gets current locale’s number of decimals

osc_all_enabled_locales_for_admin($indexed_by_pk = false) – Gets list of enabled locales

osc_get_current_user_locale() – Gets current locale object

osc_current_user_locale() – Get the actual locale of the user

osc_get_current_user_locations_native() – Returns true if current user locale should use native location names

osc_current_user_locale_is_rtl() – Returns true if current user locale has direction Right-to-Left (RTL)

osc_current_admin_locale() – Get the actual locale of the admin