osc_country() – Gets current country

osc_region() – Gets current region

osc_city() – Gets current city

osc_city_area() – Gets current city area

osc_has_countries() – Iterator for countries, return null if there’s no more countries

osc_has_regions($country = ‘%%%%’) – Iterator for regions, return null if there’s no more regions

osc_has_cities($region = ‘%%%%’) – Iterator for cities, return null if there’s no more cities

osc_has_city_areas($city = ‘%%%%’) – Iterator for city areas, return null if there’s no more city areas

osc_count_countries() – Gets number of countries

osc_count_regions($country = ‘%%%%’) – Gets number of regions

osc_count_cities($region = ‘%%%%’) – Gets number of cities

osc_count_city_areas($city = ‘%%%%’) – Gets number of city areas

osc_country_name() – Gets country’s name

osc_country_items() – Gets country’s items

osc_region_name() – Gets region’s name

osc_region_items() – Gets region’s items

osc_city_name() – Gets city’s name

osc_city_items() – Gets city’s items

osc_city_area_name() – Gets city area’s name

osc_city_area_items() – Gets city area’s items

osc_country_url() – Gets country’s url

osc_region_url() – Gets region’s url

osc_city_url() – Gets city’s url

osc_city_area_url() – Gets city area’s url

osc_location_native_name_selector($array) – To properly show native location name in theme. $array can be country, region or city array. In case current user locale is set to show locations in native language and $array contains key ‘s_name_native’ and value is not blank, this value is returned. Otherwise value of key ‘s_name’ is returned