osc_static_page() – Gets current page object

osc_static_page_field($field, $locale = ) – Gets current page field

osc_static_page_title($locale = ) – Gets current page title

osc_static_page_text($locale = ) – Gets current page text

osc_static_page_id() – Gets current page ID

osc_static_page_order() – Get page order

osc_static_page_mod_date() – Gets current page modification date

osc_static_page_pub_date() – Gets current page publish date

osc_static_page_url($locale = ) – Gets current page url

osc_get_static_page($internal_name, $locale = ) – Gets the specified static page by internal name

osc_count_static_pages() – Gets the total of static pages

osc_has_static_pages() – Let you know if there are more static pages in the list

osc_reset_static_pages() – Move the iterator to the first position of the pages array

osc_static_page_footer_link() – Returns true if page should be shown in footer

osc_static_page_indexable() – Returns true if page should be indexable by search engines