osc_run_hook($hook) – Run a hook

osc_apply_filter($hook, $content) – Apply a filter to a text

osc_add_hook($hook, $function, $priority = 5) – Add a hook

osc_add_filter($hook, $function, $priority = 5) – Add a filter

osc_remove_hook($hook, $function) – Remove a hook’s function

osc_remove_filter($hook, $function) – Remove a filter’s function

osc_is_this_category($name, $id) – If the plugin is attached to the category

osc_plugin_get_info($plugin) – Returns plugin’s information

osc_plugin_check_update($plugin) – Check if there’s a new version of the plugin

osc_register_plugin($path, $function) – Register a plugin file to be loaded

osc_get_plugins() – Get list of the plugins

osc_plugin_is_installed($plugin) – Gets if a plugin is installed or not

osc_plugin_is_enabled($plugin) – Gets if a plugin is enabled or not

osc_plugin_configure_view($plugin) – Show the default configure view for plugins (attach them to categories)

osc_plugin_resource($file) – Gets the path to a plugin’s resource

osc_plugin_configure_url($plugin) – Gets plugin’s configure url

osc_ajax_plugin_url($file = ) – Gets the path for ajax

osc_admin_configure_plugin_url($file = ) – Gets the configure admin’s url

osc_admin_render_plugin_url($file = ) – Gets urls for custom plugin administrations options

osc_admin_render_plugin($file = ) – Show custom plugin administration file