osc_user_field($field, $locale = “”) – Gets a specific field from current user

osc_user() – Gets user array from view

osc_is_web_user_logged_in() – Gets true if user is logged in web

osc_logged_user_id() – Gets logged user id

osc_logged_user_email() – Gets logged user mail

osc_logged_user_name() – Gets logged user email

osc_logged_user_phone() – Gets logged user phone

osc_logged_user() – Gets logged user record (from Osclass 8.0.3)

osc_user_public_profile_url($id = null) – Gets user’s profile url

osc_is_admin_user_logged_in() – Gets true if admin user is logged in

osc_logged_admin_id() – Gets logged admin id

osc_logged_admin_username() – Gets logged admin username

osc_logged_admin_name() – Gets logged admin name

osc_logged_admin_email() – Gets logged admin email

osc_user_name() – Gets name of current user

osc_user_email() – Gets email of current user

osc_user_regdate() – Gets registration date of current user

osc_user_id() – Gets id of current user

osc_user_website() – Gets website of current user

osc_user_info($locale = “”) – Gets description/information of current user

osc_user_phone_land() – Gets phone of current user

osc_user_phone_mobile() – Gets cell phone of current user

osc_user_phone() – Gets phone_land if exist, else if exist return phone_mobile, else return string blank

osc_user_country() – Gets country of current user

osc_user_region() – Gets region of current user

osc_user_city() – Gets city of current user

osc_user_city_area() – Gets city area of current user

osc_user_address() – Gets address of current user

osc_user_zip() – Gets postal zip of current user

osc_user_latitude() – Gets latitude of current user

osc_user_longitude() – Gets longitude of current user

osc_user_items_validated() – Gets number of items validated of current user

osc_user_comments_validated() – Gets number of comments validated of current user

osc_user_profile_img() – Gets user profile picture name

osc_user_profile_img_url() – Gets user profile picture URL

osc_user_profile_img_path() – Gets user profile picture path


osc_alert_field($field) – Gets a specific field from current alert

osc_has_alerts() – Gets next alert if there is, else return null

osc_count_alerts() – Gets number of alerts in array alerts

osc_alert() – Gets current alert from view

osc_alert_search() – Gets search field of current alert

osc_alert_secret() – Gets secret of current alert

osc_alert_search_object() – Gets the search object of a specific alert

osc_prepare_user_info() – Gets next user in users array

Helpers for user counts

osc_total_users($type = ”) – Gets number of users. Accept optional $type parameter with values ‘active’, ‘enabled’, ‘custom’ and ‘online’