How to use the plugin info you added at the top of the index.php file of your plugin.

Plugin Name: My Plugin
Plugin URI:
Description: This is my plugin.
Version: 1.0
Author: me
Author URI:
Short Name: myPlugin
Plugin update URI: my-plugin-update

To retrieve the data you need to first tell php which file to look in.

$pluginInfo = osc_plugin_get_info('myPlugin/index.php');

Once you tell php which file to look in it loads info into an array which is stored in the variable $pluginInfo.

Now we can now echo out our data like so.

echo $pluginInfo['plugin_name'];
echo $pluginInfo['plugin_uri'];
echo $pluginInfo['description'];
echo $pluginInfo['version'];
echo $pluginInfo['author'];
echo $pluginInfo['author_uri'];
echo $pluginInfo['short_name'];
echo $pluginInfo['filename'];

Below is the results of the above code.

My Plugin
This is my plugin.

That is all it takes to retrieve the plugins info and use the info within your OSClass plugin.