The Categories tab allows you to create, edit and delete all categories and subcategories for your OSClass installation.

Manage categories

This page allows you to create, edit, disable and delete categories and subcategories.

Create a new category

  1. Click, +Add new category. A new category block will appear with the text, “NEW CATEGORY, EDIT ME!“.
  2. Edit the new category by clicking “Edit” on the far right side of the new category block. Edit as you’d like. Click Save when finished.
  • Ad Expiration – The ad expiration time can be set for each category during editing. Default is 0, which means no expiration.
  • enable / Disable the price fieldprice can be disabled for categories like Jobs or Relationship

Create a subcategory

  1. First, create an additional category using the above steps.
  2. Next, click-and-drag the category you’d like to make a subcategory slightly to the right.

Note: Subcategories can have additional subcategories up to 4 levels


  • Selectable parent categories – determines whether a user can select on a parent category or only subcategories when listing a new ad.