Backoffice dashboard is first page you see once you login to oc-admin. Objective of this section is provide most important information about your osclass installation at one place.

osclass backoffice oc-admin dashboard

There are different widgets you may want to have in dashboard page:

  • At a glance
  • Optimization
  • Market accessibility
  • Listings activity
  • Comments activity
  • Users activity
  • Useful links
  • Ban Rules
  • Listing statistics
  • Comments statistics
  • User statistics
  • Listings by category
  • News on blog
  • Osclass update
  • Latest products
  • Product updates

In order to manage widgets, click on “Settings” button in top right corner of page. If there is widget box, you do not usually need, but do not want to remove it at all, click on caret/arrow button in top right section of widget box. This setting will be stored and widget box will be collapsed/expanded based on your last setting or change.

osclass oc-admin widget collapse expand

Dashboard settings

On settings page you can do following actions:

  • Hide column – this will hide dashboard column completely with all widgets in it. Design of dashboard page will adjust to different columns composition
  • Hide widget – hide particular widget box, in case it does not provide any beneficial information to you