Create page

This section allows you to create and add new pages on your site. Simply enter a page title (which will be used as the link text to the page), an internal name for the page and the content/body of the page. Here you can see how to create a new page.

A link to the page will show up in the footer of each of your website pages.

Note: The Contact page is a default page that comes with Osclass. This page file, named contact.php, can be found within the root of your OSClass installation.

Manage pages

From this screen, you’re able to edit and delete all user-created pages on your site. Place your mouse over the page you wish to edit and a menu will appear with the options: View Page, Edit, or Delete. You may also reorder the pages by clicking on the arrows located on the far-right, under the “Order” column.

osclass static page management